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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Seminal moments in comic book movies: Batman drops his name on a bad guy

It took over 20 years to bring a proper Dark Knight to the big screen to erase memories of the campy 60's TV series. While the series was fun and had it moments, we wanted a more serious take on Batman. And director Tim Burton delivered the goods. Now when he cast Michael "Mr. Mom" Keaton as Bruce Wayne/Batman, everyone was like..huh? But guess what Keaton did a pretty good job. Batman was a huge blockbuster hit during the summer of 1989 and while there are plenty of moments to choose from as the one to be called pivotal: the intro of Jack Nicholson as the disfigured Joker; Batman rolling down the streets of Gotham in the batmobile and others. But I will go with the very opening scene where two low life criminals are divvying up their recent score on a rooftop building when Batman makes his very cool appearance and then name checks himself.
I'M BATMAN! The bad guy had to have an accident in his pants right then and there.

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