The X-Women

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

My Top 5 Reasons Why Wonder Woman will be a massive hit!

Ok there have been some ramblings about the opening weekend prospects for Wonder Woman, the latest film in the DC Cinematic Universe. Some have pegged it's opening at $65 million which is way too low and others have placed it in the $80-85 million range. And topping out at just over $200 million domestic. I think it's gonna do way more than that.  And here are my top 5 reasons why:

1). RECOGNITION - Even if you have never read a Wonder Woman comic book, chances are you know Wonder Woman. You don't be around for over 70 plus years and not be a recognizable icon. Also thanks to the much loved 70's tv series with Lynda Carter, the character of Wonder Woman does not need an introduction. Everyone knows her, simple as that.

2.) GOODWILL- When she appeared in the maligned Batman V Superman last spring, she was the best thing about that movie. I mean that movie had lots of problems but Wonder Woman wasn't one of them. When she appeared with her gung ho and take charge attitude with her boss theme blaring in the background, you was like awwww yeah!

3).  TAKING CHARGE - Finally get to see a female super-hero take charge and have her own movie. No offense Helen Slater to your 1984 Supergirl, but Wonder Woman is about to take things to a new level. Not too mention that this is very female eccentric film which I think is beyond awesome.

4).  BOX-OFFICE POTENTIAL - If lesser known characters like Ant-Man and Doctor Strange can do solid box-office, then Wonder Woman should do bang up business. Doctor Strange opened to $85 million last fall and I guarantee his recognition is no where near the level of Wonder Woman. I predict WW can open to around $100 million easy, if not more.

5.) PURE COMIC BOOK BLISS - Judging by the trailers, we can forget the doom and gloom of Batman V Superman and rejoice in the lightness and fun that Wonder Woman looks to bring. And Gal Gadot looks great and every bit the Amazon Princess.

So my final predictions are:
opening weekend: $100 million
Domestic final gross: $300-$330 million
Worldwide final gross: $700 million