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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Feel the Wrath of The Titans....I did and it was awesome!

 I know Clash of the Titans was not well liked by a lot of people back in 2010. But I liked it. The only fault I had with it was the hasty 3D conversion which was very shoddy looking. The film itself was enjoyable enough without the tricks of the 3D flash. Now comes the sequel, Wrath of the Titans, that is set 10 years later. And it amps up the action, monsters, spectacles, and the gods themselves for one heck of a ride.

 Perseus readies himself for an attack
Perseus (once again played by Sam Worthington, this time sporting a more appropriate hairdo) has settled down and living the quiet life. Raising his son Hellios after his wife Io has passed on. He refuses to let his son become a warrior and instead teaches him all about fishing and the simple things. One night Zeus (Liam Neeson) comes a calling to ask for Perseus's help in stopping Kronos (Zeus's father from escaping the Underworld). Perseus declines and that sets the stage for the plot of this film.
Ralph Fiennes returns as Hades...and yes he is still pissed off

Hades (Ralph Fiennes) and Ares (Edgar Ramirez) end up capturing Zeus to steal his power to feed Kronos so he can break free. Before he is freed several other demons and monsters escape and start attacking the mortals. First up Perseus battles a two headed beast called Chimera, which looks quite vicious. The battle between this beast and Perseus is quite exciting. Soon after Perseus realizes his son will never be safe if he doesn't try to stop Kronos from escaping. 

Andromeda has that look of..Do not mess with me today!!!

So he finds the son of Poseidon and Queen Andromeda (this time played by Rosamund Pike) to find the weapons maker of the Gods weapons to find a way into the Underworld. He is played with great hilarity by Bill Nighy. Along the way our heroes must deal with one-eyed cyclops and a vengeance obsessed Ares, who hates his half brother Perseus. Ares and Perseus have a knock down drag out fight that is awesome. 

Brothers in arms Hades and Zeus about to take on their dear old dad Kronos

Then Zeus and Hades get to join the fray as they battle their father and his demons. It's very cool seeing Zeus throw lightning bolts all over the place and walking around like he owns the place. Then the final battle between Perseus and Kronos is pretty cool too, even if it is similar to the finale of the first Titans, when Perseus rode his horse Pegasus as they swooped all around the Kraken.

Kronos spewing his crap all over the place
So I liked Wrath a little more than Clash simply because it was more straight forward, more action, and more interaction between the characters. The effects were really good and it has a booming music score. Wrath of the Titans rocks.


Tom said...

Thanks Monty for this review. I'm a little disappointed that Gemma Arterton was not in this film.

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