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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Saturday, June 24, 2017 review of Wonder Woman

Sorry for the delay in not getting my review of Wonder Woman out sooner. But upon seeing it for the third time last week, I can honestly now say it is my favorite film of the year so far, edging out Logan and Guardians of the Galaxy 2, which I both love. We got introduced to Wonder Woman, as played by Gal Gadot, last year in the abysmal Batma v Superman, in which she was the only good thing going for that movie. Gadot brought some much needed relief from the doom and gloom with her frank honesty, no fear and taking charge. Those characteristics and more are on display in her solo movie. Expertly directed by Patty Jenkins, who guided Charlize Theron to a Best Actress Oscar for Monster many years ago.

Wonder Woman traces her origin from the very beginning as she was told by her mother Hippolyta (as played by Connie Nielsen) that she was sculpted from clay and given life to by Zeus. As a little girl Diana wants to be an Amazon so badly that she defies her mother and asks her aunt Antiope (a bad ass Robin Wright) for training. All this takes place on the beautiful island Themiscyra, which is hidden from the eyes of the world. Things are peaceful until Steve Trevor (a terrific Chris Pine) crash lands his plane into the water, in which Diana pulls him to safety. He was been chased by Germans who also crash the party which leads to an awesome battle between Amazons and Germans. This is where Antiope takes charge and shows why she is the Amazon's best warrior up to that point.

Things turn deadly and Diana leaves with Steve to head back to London to stop World War One, which Diana believes is being influenced by Ares, the God of War. Before the brutalities of war begins, there is ample humor as Diana is literally a fish out of water, trying to adapt to the customs of this new world. She also gets to tell sexist men of the time how it is and doesn't hold back. I was tell them Diana. 

Once Diana and Steve and a few others reach the front lines Wonder Woman becomes the hero we all know she can be. Taking on German soldiers with an impressive display of fighting skills that are unmatched. But her ultimate test will come when she faces Ares during the finale, in which the gloves are off. Diana unleashed and not only is she amazing but makes you think damn're just wrecking things all over the place. Her rage fuels her strength to Superman levels and takes it all to Ares in a show stopping climax.

When the dust settles, the war is over and while Diana is weary she is also a hero now. I love this movie, which is evident since I have seen it three times. As a comic book fan, I think it's one of the best one ever made. In fact I think it's one of the best films period.
My rating: A