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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lucy Lawless makes XENA one of the best fictional characters ever created

I am a huge Lucy Lawless fan and think that her Xena character is one of the best ever created. I remember when I first saw Xena back in the mid 90's as a character introduced on the Hercules TV series. She proved so popular that Lucy was granted her own series. Now what makes Xena such an amazing character is her history. She began as a villainess, an adversary for Hercules. A ruthless, despicable woman, who had an army at her command. And marched over the world, conquering towns and killing people by the scores. But all that changed once she met the young and innocent Gabrielle and the two embarked on a journey to battle for justice and save as many people as they could. Xena was in constant turmoil as several times over the course of the series run, she would run into her past in the survivors of her past massacres as she would try to continue to do good. That what makes her such an intriguing character. Who better to know how a villain thinks and acts than one who used to be a villain themselves. And of course she was badass. There was no better warrior than Xena. And she wasn't always serious. Every now and then she would show here lighter side and proved to be quite humorous. As she took on warlords, demons, monsters and even Ares, the war god himself. Xena ran from 1995-2001 with 134 episodes and I enjoyed every delicious moment. I own several of the DVDs as I partake in Xena marathons from time to time. Most recently last night, in honor of Lucy's birthday.
I would love to see Xena make a return in a new series or at least a movie. It would be awesome indeed!

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