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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Attack The Block (2011) is a B movie delight!

Finally caught this buzzed about little film from last year on cable last night. I enjoyed it from start to finish. Set in South London, this film has a bunch of teens who must thwart an alien invasion in their own neighborhood. Led by the enigmatic Moses (a terrific turn by John Boyega, who will remind you of a young Denzel Washington), this band of reckless youths are a harmless lot. Sure they rob some people and commit a little vandalism, but nothing extreme. Until one night they cross paths with a young woman named Sam (played by Jodie Whittaker) who is a nurse and happens to live in the same apartment complex as the boys, unbeknownst to them. Well they mug her one night just as a blazing object falls from the sky and smashes a car. They investigate and it's a little alien creature who attacks Moses. The gang gives chase and ends up killing the creature, but this is only the beginning as much bigger aliens start falling from the sky. And guess what, they target Moses and his friends, looking for a little payback. Well these boys don't back down without a fight as they grab their weapons of choice, which range from a baseball bat to a cool stash of powerful fireworks to a freakin awesome samurai sword. Things get bloody and action packed as the movie goes along with Moses becoming one bad ass hero. Also plenty of humor, especially coming from the character called Pest. Filmed on a very low budget, what the film lacks in visual flair, more than makes up for in interesting characters and inventive action scenes. Not too many people know about this film, including myself until watching it last night. I was highly entertained for 85 minutes. From the producers of Shaun of the Dead and Scott Pilgrim and co-starring Nick Frost, you have to check out this cool movie. Oh and one more thing, the whole cast speaks in a very thick British accent, but I understood them perfectly.
Moses and Sam about to mess up some aliens...

Our heroes...

Hey it's Nick Ron, a drug dealer who has the most fortified place in
the whole movie!

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