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Monday, October 10, 2011

31 Days Of Horror: Day 10 (My Top 5 Favorite Buffy Episodes - Season1)

I am a huge Buffy The Vampire Slayer fan. The tv series with Sarah Michelle Gellar. It's one of my favorite shows of all time. Gellar was excellent as Buffy, always ready with a quip when taking down some vampires. Great stories by Joss Whedon and his stable of writers. A terrific supporting cast. Can't really find fault with anything about this series. So here is my list of my favorite episodes from Season 1. I will do lists for the following seasons as well over the next few months.

5.) WITCH (Episode 3) - Buffy tries to get back into the normal flow of things by trying out for cheerleading. But she soons learns that competition to become a cheerleader is nearly as dangerous as battling vampires. Especially when one competitor named Amy, dabbles in witchcraft, to make sure other girls meet with accidents while trying out. A good and humourous early episode.

4.) WELCOME TO THE HELLMOUTH (Episode 1) - First episode lays the groundwork for the series and while some things don't work that good yet such as Xander being kind of annoying at first. But once Buffy encounters vampires who are using school grounds to feed on kids, this episode comes alive. Her first confrontation with Darla is quite funny, but her fight with Luke (a hulking vampire) is both scary and intense. This all sets the stage for the Master, a vampire who is prone to crack wise while munching down on a hapless victim. The series would fine tune itself the rest of the season and be on point by the year's finale.

3.) THE HARVEST (Episode 2) - The Master is readying himself for his ascension and uses Luke as his vessel to collect souls for him. Xander's best friend Jesse gets captured and is turned into a vampire. Giles gives the Scooby gang a history lesson on The Master and his plans of ascension. A very good episode that improves on the first episode, Welcome to the Hellmouth.

2.) ANGEL (Episode 7) - This is the one where Buffy learns Angel is a vampire. Totally blind-sides her too. Giles digs up the full history on Angel, and finds that he use to be the ruthless vampire Angelus before gaining his soul back. This is top notch TV right here folks. One of the best Buffy episodes ever.

1.) PROPHECY GIRL (Episode 12) - In the season finale Giles learns that Buffy will meet the Master and die. Buffy doesn't take that news well and tries to avoid a confrontation. But she will eventually battle him in a no holds barred fight. By far the best episode of the first season of Buffy. And things would only get  better in season 2.

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Kristin Rae said...

Sigh. Love me some Angel. I was hardcore team Angel until Spike started getting sappy... he cracked me UP. :)