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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Morley's Horror Thoughts and T is for Torture - An Entry into The ABC's of Death!!

The horror genre is one that frequently gets dismissed by the general movie going public as being ridiculous and silly.  Images of blood, guts and gore with women running around half naked with their breasts hanging out and  covered in blood are frequently conjured up images associated with the genre.  Now I'm not denying that this is a part of the genre...however, scratch beneath the surface and you will find so much more.  You will find strong and intelligent women kicking back and making their own films, writing about them, acting in them....hell, doing just about anything in them!  You will find guys sick of the same old formula that the Hollywood fat cats keep saturating down and down till you find yourself preferring to stab your own eyes out as opposed to watching their boiled down crap!  The horror community are coming together to fund their own projects, projects that the fans want to happen!  It is without a doubt the strongest community of movie fans out there and one that I am so happy to be a part of.  I look forward to sharing with you all some films that you might not have heard of, films that I deem to be beautiful, wonderful pieces of film making, because lets face it, beneath the blood, gore and psychological menace, the horror genre can indeed be a very visually beautiful place to be.  :)

One of the most beautiful films I have seen over the past year is Elisabeth Fies The Commune.  Before I give you the run down on this twisted, and seriously messed up film I invite you to take a look at Lis's entry into The ABC's of anthology of shorts looking for the 26th director to complete the alphabet.  Lis's entry T is for Torture is brilliantly messed up.  You can check it out at the link HERE.  If you're a fan and want this wonderful lady to be the 26th director then please click on the link above the video that says '<3 Vote for this as the 26th Filmmaker'.  And then please do share the link and help get the word out there of this wonderfully demented short!  The ABC's of Death is a total sausage fest so I find it so important to get some kick ass female action in there too!  Thank you for checking this out and enjoy! :)

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