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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Elvira: Mistress of the Dark

Okay it's actually rather shocking that until just then, I had never seen this movie before!  Shame on me I agree.  If you too have never had the chance to view this belter of a film, I advise that you do so a.s.a.p.  Cassandra Peterson as Elvira is an absolute hoot!  When people think of Elvira, the first thing they think is her awesome boobies and her fabulous goth look and massive hair!  What they might not also think of, is the fact that she is absolutely hysterical!  Elvira is the kind of chick that both girls and boys alike can't help but fall in love with.  Girls want to be her...hell, I have even given myself my own Elvira/Vampira style nickname...Jenpira, bwahahaha!  Must be something to do with the excessive boobage, something the three of us have in common, haha.  Boys...well, boys will be boys, haha.  

On the whole though, I think what makes Elvira so appealing to such a large generation is the fact that she is just so god damn likable!  Watching her I just can't get enough of her.  She lights up the screen every single moment that she is on it.  When all the townsfolk are against her, treating her as a complete harlot, all I can think to myself is, awwww, she's just so god damn can you not love her?!! :)

The film is much fun.  And I do totally wanna watch it again right now!  If you have not seen it yet then I totally advise looking it out and definitely this movie is worth buying!  I am so glad that I now own it! :)  For all the hilarity please do check out the trailer below, trust me, it's an absolute hoot! :D

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monty said...

I love this movie! I've seen it like 20 times. It's hilarious! Perfect timing as Cassandra is my star of the month. Thanks Jennifer for the great post.