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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Star Of The Month Gerard Butler in ROCKNROLLA (2008)

The latest film from Guy Ritchie is another winner. The main plot has a Russian mobster trying to wrap up a major land deal in London with millions of dollars at stake. Well a London crime boss, a sexy accountant, and some inept thieves join the party and all hell breaks loose. The thieves are One Two (played by Gerard Butler) and Mumbles (played by Idris Elba) and others. The London crime boss is played by Tom Wilkinson. And the sexy accountant Stella is played by the gorgeous Thandie Newton. Things quickly get out of hand when the crime boss son, a wild rocker named Johnny is being sought by everyone for the painting he has in his possession. RocknRolla may not be as good as Ritchie's previous films but it is still a solid movie. Actually gets better as it goes along. My only complaint would be the sex scene between Butler and is was too short, you blink and you will miss it. Still, check it out, it's a must see. Oh and look out for Tom  Hardy as Handsome Bob. Co-starring Tom Wilkinson, Gemma Arterton, and Mark Strong.


One Two: Well what do you want?
Stella: You.
One Two: Well you had better come in then.

toby kebbell, mark strong
Gemma Arterton



ClassicBecky said...

Monty, considering that I am certainly no kid anymore (WAY beyond being a kid!), I had a rather embarrassing giant crush on Butler with Phantom of the Opera. But I didn't like all the bulging muscle stuff he started doing, especially "300" -- stinko! (In my oh so humble opinion.) That doesn't do anything for me at all. Now that I am over the senior-citizen-teenager phase, I do like him in actual roles that don't require constant shirt-off scenes. I wonder if this will be one of those?! LOL!

Morleysaurus said...

Becky, I am totally with you on Phantom of the Opera! Give me scarred mutant face Butler over 300 Butler any day of the week, heehee! :P

Morleysaurus said...

And WOOT, Rocknrolla has the added bonus of Idris Elba as well! A man I know you have an equally massive crush on...well maybe not in that way but you sure as hell dig the Stringer Bell, oh yeah!!!! <3

Spooky Sean said...

"Butler and is was too short", you might want to edit that.
Great flick, and good review otherwise.