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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Review: FANBOYS (2007)


Love this movie. Basically a road trip for Star Wars fans. It takes place in 1998, right around the time Phantom Menace is due to come out, a group of friends decide to travel to Skywalker Ranch and steal the film so their friend who is dying from cancer can see before his time expires. A lot of stuff happens on the way including a run in with some Trek fans in the birthplace of Captain Kirk, being pursued by a pimp in Vegas, performing at a gay bar, and other misadventures. In jokes and quotes are plentiful. The young cast is great including Sam Huntington (jimmy Olsen from Superman Returns), Dan Fogler (from Balls of Fury), Jay Baruchel (from Tropic Thunder), Chris Marquette (from The Girl Next door), and the sole girl of the group, Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars). Plus loads of cameos from William Shatner, Kevin Smith, Seth Rogen, Billy Dee Williams, and Jamie King. Truly hilarious.

Zoe: You might wanna hit the showers. 'Cause you smell like something shit *in* my nose.

Hutch: Yes, Your Highnessness.
[Hutch takes off his t-shirt]
Zoe: Ew! What in god's name is living on your chest? It looks like your fell on ALF

Hutch: Rule number one: In my van, it's Rush. All Rush, all the time. No exceptions. Rule number two: Nobody touch the red button. And I mean never touch the red button. Most importantly, rule number three: There's no jerking in my van. Fanboys (2008)
The gang in a little trouble....
Cast of Fanboys
Nothing like male camaraderie..

Kristen Bell smooch
Kristen Bell as Zoe...

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