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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Diane Kruger joins the fun in the two NATIONAL TREASURE films...

National Treasure

Star of the month Diane Kruger teamed up for the enjoyable popcorn National Treasure films as historian Abigail Chase who helps Benjamin Gates (played by Nicolas Cage) recover important historical documents. The first film had them looking for the Declaration of Independence while dealing with the terrific Sean Bean as a rival. Jon Voight is on hand as Gates's father. It's a fun and leave your brain at the door kind of film. Diane was pretty good as Abigail Chase too. I mean she's no Lara Croft but she handles her action scenes ok.
Nick Cage &  Diane Kruger In Book of Secrets
National Treasure 2 goes for broke with the fair sequel which isn't quite as good as the original. In this  one, the gang is on the hunt for John Wilkes Booth's diary containing information about the assasination of Abraham Lincoln. This time Helen Mirren joins the fun as Gates's mom. Ed Harris is not as good as the villain as was Sean Bean was in the original. But the sequel is still entertaining.

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