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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Action Movie For The Day - TRUE LIES (1994)

True Lies
After the dismal action film Last Action Hero the year before, Arnie decided to re-team with James Cameron for the wildly exciting flick True Lies. And all is forgiven as True Lies is awesome. He plays secret agent Harry Tasker who battles terrorists all over the world with his sidekick Tom Arnold. But its a secret life as his wife thinks he's a computer salesman. Jamie Lee Curtis is a hoot as his unknowing wife. Well when the bad guys target Arnie and his family, look out. True Lies is filled with over the top action mayhem such as an exciting shoot-out in a Washington hotel bathroom and then a chase on horseback. And the amazing finale involving some fighter jet action as the bridge running to the Florida keys is demolished. Which carries over to Arnie flying one of the jets and taking out the bad guys in a high rise. Look for Bill Paxton in a funny role as a smarmy car salesman and Eliza Dushku as Arnie's rebellious daughter. Oh and Charlton Heston as Arnie's boss. Good stuff.
Arnold Schwarznegger
True Lies

And check out this nice pic of Jamie and her little friend

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