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Monday, April 12, 2010

Lucy Lawless is awesome as XENA!

Xena: Warrior Princess (1995)

When the character of Xena was introduced on the TV series, Hercules, I was immediately impressed with the actress portraying her...Lucy Lawless. After that 3 episode arc on Hercules, the producers had the super smart idea to greenlight a series all about Xena. And it was a brilliant idea. I made it my priority to watch Xena every Saturday night at 7pm on the local channel it was playing on. This was around the mid 90's, which for me was pure heaven for TV watching. Along with Xena, there was Buffy and The X-Files going on. But back to Xena, Lucy Lawless was sensational in the part. She showed tremendous range in comedy and drama going from serious to light-hearted with ease. She handled all the action scenes like a pro. And developed one of the best on screen partnerships with actress Renee O'Connor, who played Xena's friend Gabrielle. And Lucy even managed to show off her considerable singing voice on several occasions. Which would bode well for her future after Xena would end it's six year run. Lucy is currently wowing audiences with her fantastic concerts. Lucy is one of my favorite actresses and Xena is what introduced her to me. I found Xena to be far more interesting than Hercules, mainly because while Hercules had super strength and was basically a god, Xena was just a woman, who faced impossible odds, but always came out on top. Her fighting ability and never say die attitude got her through several events. And her backstory of her being this ruthless killer fueled her desire to make up for that past life and doing good for others. Her past always was an issue and Lucy handled all those scenes with strong dramatic portrayals. I'm planning on writing my top 25 favorite actresses and I can tell you Lucy will be ranked very high.


Charis.xX said...

The woman is a GODDESS! Love her!!! xX

Tom said...

Keep the Xena pics comin'!!!!

monty said...

Lucy is the main attraction all month long. Check back every now and then to see more updates.