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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Favorite Xena Episodes #2 - The Greater Good

This powerful episode actually takes place one week before the Callisto episode. In this one Gabrielle takes center stage as Xena is poisoned by an unknown assailant and leaves Gabrielle to defend a village from a rampaging warlord named Talmadeus. After rallying the townspeople to defend their village, Xena goes from bad to worse and seemingly dies. Gabrielle is devasted put assumes her best friend's identity to battle the warlord and his army. She holds off the bad guys for a while but is soon outnumbered. And when the warlord prepares to have Xena's body drawn and quartered, things look bleak. But lo and behold, Xena rises from near death and comes out kicking much ass. And her and Gabrielle end up driving the marauders away. The Greater Good is excellent and like I said more of a showcase for Gabrielle, since Xena is laid out by the poison for an extended time. Renee O'Connor  is simply amazing as the loyal friend who must rise to the challenge. Her friendship with Xena really shines in this episode as her love for Xena brings out the warrior in her. A must see.

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