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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Movie Review - THE INCREDIBLE HULK (2008)

I think the concensus is that this is how the first Hulk movie should have been. More Hulk smash, less talk. Edward Norton is a perfect fit as Bruce Banner, the man on the run who is trying to find a cure for his special condition. Of course the government tracks him down to harness his blood cells so they can make the perfect weapon. William Hurt is Gen Ross who leads the charge to capture banner. He is very good in his role as is Tim Roth, a wily soldier who after a confrontation with the Hulk decides he wants some of that awesome power for himself. He will soon become The Abomination. Also on hand is Liv Tyler as Bruce's one time love Betty. She assumes the role from Jennifer Connelly and makes the character even better. I liked her portrayal way more than Connelly. Now the effects are much improved from the first film. This Hulk looks a lot more convincing. And the action scenes rock. Plus there's that cameo by Tony Stark aka Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr) that pretty much seals the deal on this entertaining summer movie.

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