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Monday, March 22, 2010

Top Ten List: For the week ending March 21st

Taking a page from Entertainment Weekly's Hit List, where they rank 10 of the most talked about events in the entertainment world including TV, movies, music, books, etc. My take on it will be similar but focus more on movies and TV. So here we go:

1.  Alice in Wonderland - Still making a killing at the theaters, surpassing $265 million in the US alone. Me and my wife saw it over the weekend and enjoyed it.

2. Tron:Legacy trailer - AWESOME! Can't wait for December 17th.

3. Sandra Bullock & Jesse James - I feel bad for Sandra, coming off that emotional Oscar win and now having to deal with her husband's infidelities.

4. Justified - The cool new show on FX, starring Timonty Olyphant as tough US Marshal bringing justice to his  hometown in Kentucky.

5. March Madness kicks Dick Vitale would say, Awesome, baby with a capital A.

6. Mo'Nique as a Oscar winner of her portrayal of the worst movie mom ever.

7. The search for an actor to play Captain America is in full swing.

8. Sugarland kicking off their concert tour next month. Me and my wife love them and it would be great to see them in concert.
9. Flash Forward returns after a 4 month hiatus and it was um ok, nothing too special. Maybe they shouldn't have taken so long of a break.

10. Ninja Assasin hits DVD and it's super cool.

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