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Friday, March 5, 2010

Robert Downey, Jr. rules in Tropic Thunder

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I laughed my ass off at this movie. Mainly Robert Downey Jr steals the show. He is hilarious from the word go. Ben Stiller is not that good acting wise. But he does a great job directing, mixing comedy and action quite well. Jack Black is ok, he gets in a few good lines. The supporting cast though is solid from Brandon T. Jackson's Alpa Chino to Nick Nolte's gruff ex-vet to the hilarious Danny McBride's explosion expert Cody. If you get easily offended, this might not be your type of movie. But the laughs come very fast and frequently. And the action is top notch. And the buzzed about cameo by Mr. Tom Cruise is hilarious. You will see Tom like never before. But back to Robert Downey. He kills in this movie. I can't praise him enough. Coupled with Iron Man, this was truly RDJ's year.

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