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Monday, May 14, 2012

In defense of The Avengers...

Maybe I'm the wrong guy to be defending the Avengers. Since I have been a fan of them since 1981 and have seen the film three times so far. Each time, the film just gets better and better. But I have seen some of the complaints about the film from a small majority of audience members. Which are few and far between considering the film just hit 1 billion dollars. I wanted to hit on some of the main issues some people have had and comment on them. So here goes:

#1 - Loki did not make a good villain:

I disagree wholeheartedly. Tom Hiddleston as Loki, picked up right where he left off in Thor and even took it up a notch. Along with being mad with a lust for power and a hatred for Thor, he showed signs of genuine craziness. I mean this guy was off his rocker. And Hiddleston was perfect in his portrayal. His scenes with Thor were solid as usual but I loved his brief little chat with Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) where he really got to gloat and snarl and all that good stuff.

#2 - The film starts off slowly:

 Not to me, but if you're are expecting fireworks every 10 minutes, then yes it moved at a casual pace. Which I was more than fine with. Better to enjoy the movie that much more.

#3 - Compared to The Dark Knight, The Avengers doesn't come close:

 Really, come on people..trying to compare those two films is idiotic to begin with. They are totally different. I know a lot of Bat fans might be a little hurt now that Avengers is just making tons of money, but that actually benefits us all as more comic book movies will continue to get made. And if that causes Batman to have to raise his game up a little, then so be it.

#4 - The visual effects were just so-so: 

To that I will say...are you kidding. I was blown away by the effects. From the impressive SHIELD heli-carrier to the mass destruction finale in New York City, the effects were cool and amazing.

#5 - The finale was over-wrought and too reminiscent of Transformers 3:

 while I agree there may have been a feeling of deja vu between the two films..The Avengers did it far better. You could actually tell who was fighting who and the action seemed to flow seamless. And it didn't take a whole hour to do it.

#6 - Black Widow and Hawkeye were useless:

 Once again I have to disagree. Black Widow was much improved from her debut in Iron Man 2 with Scarlett Johansson being very good and in total sync with her character now. And Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye hung in there with gods and monsters with the best of them.

#7 - Cobie Smulders acting was weak:

 I tend to think as Maria Hill, Cobie played the part as I imagined Maria would be..tough, cold and by the book. What more could you want.

#8 - the film being described as one big cheese-fest:

 I can't recall any cheese inducing moments in the film and since I have seen it three times so far, you would think I would have noticed it by now.

#9 - The Hulk wasn't used enough:

Au contraire, he was used the right amount. After three times, they finally got the Hulk right. He is best used in small doses and as a supporting player, not having a movie built around him. And hats off to Mark Ruffalo, who nailed him with the right touch of humor and nerdiness.

#10 - why did Nick Fury have to be black:

Well when they started the Ultimate Avengers comic book version many years ago, they actually based Nick Fury on Samuel L. Jackson, so when it came time to cast the film version, you better believe they were gonna cast Samuel L. Jackson. And he was bad ass in this movie. 

I probably could go on and on, but as Tony Stark says to Loki in the movie..."You're missing my point!"

And the point is that The Avengers is a terrific and entertaining movie that is just plain fun to watch. You get the epic fights you have always dreamed about like Thor taking on Hulk. Seeing a team of heroes working together to fight off an invading army of aliens. Stuff like that will have you gasping and cheering the whole time. Like I said maybe I'm the wrong guy that should be defending them, because in my eyes, The Avengers are perfect.


Tom said...

Hey Monty. I saw Avengers and pretty much agree with all your points. I would have liked to have seen more of Hulk, too. And Scarlett Johansen's Black Widow (would like to see her get her own movie one day).

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