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Thursday, May 5, 2011

HOT FUZZ (2007) is funny and action packed...

Hot Fuzz
Excellent action comedy from the creators of Shaun of the Dead. Simon Pegg is a riot as Nicholas Angel, the most decorated cop in London who is transferred to a sleepy little village called Sandford. All seems quiet until a rash of murders happens and Angel goes all out to find out what's going on. A well paced film that mixes action with humor very well. Nick Frost who also played in Shaun with Pegg is on hand for this one too. Timonthy Dalton plays a sinister bad guy. This movie is great and the last 30 minutes are about the best 30 minutes you will ever see on film. And features some of the most memorable quotes in film you will ever hear. Don't miss this one. Highly recommended. Oh, one side-note, it does have several gory scenes that will catch you off guard. Good stuff. Highly recommended.

Andy: "Nice one, Doris."

Doris: "Nothing like a bit of girl on girl!"
Nicholas: "Shit just got real!"

 Nicholas: "You're a doctor, deal with it!"

Danny: "Yeah, motherfucker!"

Hot Fuzz
Simon Pegg ready for some action

Hot Fuzz

The gang's all here....
 Scene from HOT FUZZ
These cookies are delicious
Simon Pegg in HOT FUZZ
Oh yeah, it's about to be on....

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