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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

SLITHER (2006) is good gory fun....


Gory comedy/horror flick with alien parasites, zombies, and a lot of weird things happening in a small town. Nathan Fillion is great as the town's sheriff and newcomer Tania Saulnier is spunky as the young girl who figures out what's going on. Gregg Henry is very funny as the mayor and gets the film's best lines. Also stars Michael Rooker as the town's richest man who gets is the first to get infected and Elizabeth Banks as his sexy wife and Fillion's high school sweetheart. It may get over the top in some scenes but it's still good fun. Best to watch after you have ate, because I don't think you will be able to handle food for a few hours after watching it.
Bill Pardy: Thank you for saving my ass back there.
Kylie Strutemyer: You're welcome.
Bill Pardy: Of course, when I tell that story, it's gonna be the other way around.



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