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Friday, August 6, 2010

Lynda Carter in Partners In Crime (1984)

There are lots of people who only know Lynda from Wonder Woman. Well she did several other things as well. Not as successful as her stint as WW but still diverting and entertaining stuff. One such thing was the short-lived TV series Partners In Crime from 1984, which paired her up with Loni Anderson as women who were both married to the same man, a private detective, at different times. Lynda played Carole Stanwyck, a former socialite, now photographer. And Loni played Syndey Kovak, a pick pocket and jazz bass player. When their ex-husband is killed, they team up to find the killer after inheriting his private detective business. Once they solve the case they decide to stick together and solve crimes for a living. Partners in Crime lasted only one season but it was entertaining enough. Lynda and Loni made a great team, and there wasn't that many action adventure shows with two female leads, other than Cagney & Lacey. So Lynda's performance as Carole was a little different from her Wonder Woman role but she still got to drop some one liners and kick some ass.

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