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Monday, June 7, 2010

Film Review: I Am Legend

This is an impressive movie to say the least. Will Smith is a scientist/soldier in New York City who is the last known survivor after a man made virus wipes out everyone else. The virus designed to cure cancer actually turns it victims into daylight fearing raging zombies. It's up to Will to try to find a virus. I just saw this film on opening day and it was jam packed. The opening scene gets the ball rolling when the announcement is made about the cure. Flash forward three years later and New York is one big deserted island with Will cruising the streets in any vehicle he chooses. Scavenging for food and supplies during the day and holed up in his fotress of a building at night when the creatures come out looking for blood. Will's only companion at first is his loyal german shepherd named Samantha. They make quite the team. You begin to really care what happens to them. Later on two more immune survivors pop up- a young woman and a small boy. This movie is amazing. The desolation scenes of the city have to be seen to be believed. The action sequences are equally impressive. The only drawback may be the creatures themselves. A little too CG at times but still creepy as hell. I have to say Mr. Smith gives one helluva perfomance here. It will remind you of what Tom Hanks did in Cast Away. Will is dramatic, frightened, humorous, and sometimes a little crazy. One of the best films of the year. Plus they showed the kick ass new Batman trailer right before the movie. It's win win all the way around. Oh, one more thing some people may argue it's not long enough. Let me tell you something, you couldn't ask for a better length in a movie. Any longer and you may start to get restless. One hour and 40 minutes is perfect to me.

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