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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Star of the Month Rose Byrne is terrific in the super creepy INSIDIOUS...

Star of the month Rose Bryne is terrific in the creepy thriller, Insidious. She and Patrick Wilson play husband and wife with three children who move into a new house. Once their eldest child goes into a coma and the doctors find nothing medically wrong with him, Renai (Rose's character) starts seeing things and think the house is possessed. So they move yet again but still can't shake these apparitions.
But when Josh (Patrick Wilson) mother shows up, they realize it isn't the house that is possessed, but their son. They call in Elise (played by Lin Shaye) who has had dealings with this short of thing as she and her two man crew attempt to bring the couple's son back from the dreamworld called The Further. It's a place where restless spirits dwell, and who will do anything to get back to the real world. And the young boy becomes a link from their world to the real world.

Renai and Josh looking suitably worried...

Insidious is one seriously twisted movie. And it is very creepy. The music alone will send shivers down your spine. The spirits are freaky looking and will scare you a few times. The cast is perfect especially Rose Byrne and Lin Shaye. Byrne is perfect as the distraught housewife who believes instantly about evil spirits and the Further. Her husband, not so much. And Lin Shaye is very effective as the spirit buster. This film really surprised me and it ends with a cliff-hanger. So I wouldn't be surprised if a sequel comes out very soon.
Elise: It's not the house that's haunted. It's your son!

Elise and Specs ready to do some spirit busting.....

A couple of spirits who look all innocent and nice...but are not

Freaky looking thing..ain't she?

Oh Elise don't mess around when it comes to dealing with evil spirits...IT'S ON!

Renai trying to explain that she has been seeing some weird things...

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