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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON: 30 Years Later and it's still the best werewolf movie I've ever seen

An American Werewolf in London

30 years ago a seminal film opened in movie theaters around the world. It was An American Werewolf In London and to this day, it is still the best werewolf movie I have ever seen. The story has two American tourists named David Kessler (relative newcomer David Naughton) and Jack Goodman (Griffin Dunne) in Britain who are attacked by a wild animal while walking on the moors one night. Said wild animal turns out to be a werewolf and after Jack is ripped to shreds and killed, David is bitten and will soon turn into a raging beast himself. 
Awesome transformation scene...

An American Werewolf in London
Damn Jack you really let yourself go...

He lucks up when at the hospital he is recovering from he meets Nurse Alex Price (the always beguiling Jenny Agutter (of Logan's Run and Walkabout fame) and the two immediately hit it off. Why aren't all nurses like Jenny Agutter, I swear.

David is soon having horrible nightmares and is visited by Jack's ghost, who every time you see him is decomposing worse and worse. He tells David that he must kill himself and be free of this curse or he will kill people. Of course David doesn't believe him. But once the first full moon happens, David changes into a werewolf and promptly goes on a rampage. The first werewolf transformation is a sight to behold. Done by master make up artist Rick Baker, that scene is realistic and painful. No CGI here folks, just good old makeup and prosthetics.
An American Werewolf in London
Ah sweet Jenny Agutter....I don't even notice David in this all

An American Werewolf in London
We are so screwed it's not even funny...

Soon David realizes he knows what has to be done but can't quite do it. So when he takes in a movie and changes one more time, he is on the loose in Piccadily Square. That scene is cool as hell, as the people of Britain are terrified and running for their lives from this savage beast. The climax has Alex rushing to David's side after he is cornered in an alley ready to be taken out by Britain's finest.
That's gotta hurt!
That's gotta hurt....

I loved this movie when it first came out and I love it still to this day. This is how you make a great horror movie with a lean and visceral feel that doesn't drag. The cast is top notch with solid direction by John Landis. Naughton and Dunne are perfect as the american tourists and Jenny Agutter is well Jenny Agutter. Nothing more needs to be said on that. She is awesome in every way. The music score is fantastic with some choice rocking tunes including Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival. And like I said it is still the best werewolf  movie that I have seen. Mainly because its old fashioned makeup effects and not computer generated. And it also has a lot of inspired humor, helped being directed by Landis (Stripes, Ghostbusters, Trading Places). 
An American Werewolf in London
What was that noise?

An American Werewolf In London is how you do it. Stay away from that god awful sequel An American Werewolf in Paris. It's bad. London is the one to go with.

Action Movie For The Day - THE LAST SAMURAI (2003)

I know I haven't been posting my action movie for the day in about a week now. Sorry for that. But here to re-start things again is my favorite film from 2003. The Last Samurai.
the last samurai 5
My personal favorite film from 2003. It came out the same time as the last Lord of the Rings- The Return of the King. And I actually found Samurai to be the better film. With a solid performance by Mr. Cruise, an excellent story, and terrific action scenes The Last Samurai delivers. Ranks right up there with Braveheart and Gladiator.

Samurai Vs Ninjas
The Last Samurai
Ken Watanabe

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy Birthday to my blog's cover girl, LYNDA CARTER

A big happy birthday to Lynda Carter aka the most well known Wonder Woman. Believe it or not Lynda turns 60 today and looks gorgeous.

Friday, July 22, 2011

CAPTAIN AMERICA is another winner from Marvel Studios

I keep waiting for Marvel Studios to drop the ball and release a stinker. Well they are three for three this year with Thor, X-Men:First Class, and now Captain America. The story is set in 1942 and centers on a young man named Steve Rogers (played by Chris Evans) who is repeatedly rejected for enlistment in the army due to his numerous health problems and physique. But when a scientist named Dr. Erskine (played by Stanley Tucci) recruits him for his super soldier project to turn him into the perfect weapon to defeat Hitler, he accepts. Rogers is not the first person whom Erskine has tried his experiment on. Years ago Johann Schmidt (played by Hugo Weaving) was subjected to the treatment but had a dangerous side effect as his skin was mutated into a horrible red and skinless shape. And now he is power mad to rule the world, even disobeying orders from his superior Hitler himself. He calls himself The Red Skull now. Flash forward a few years and now Rogers survives the process and gains superhuman strength, speed and endurance to become a super soldier. His initial training sequences while he is still the scrawny recruit under Colonel Chester Phillips (a scene stealing performance by Tommy Lee Jones) are priceless. Rogers also catches the eye of British agent Peggy Carter (played by Hayley Atwell who shines in a great role). Also on board is Howard Stark , yes Tony Stark's dead. He is played by Dominic Cooper and like father like son, has a weakness for the ladies and drink.
Captain America: The First Avenger
The first half of the movie is structured as the origin and more plot driven before it gives way to the action packed second half. Not to say the first half doesn't have action. There is an exciting chase sequence by Rogers after some enemy agents who have destroyed the location of the super soldier research building. Rogers is at first kind of worried and unsure that he can become the hero we all know he can be. So a lot of his early scenes are him learning on the go. Very comparable to Peter Parker/Spider-Man.
Red Skull
When he finally dons the uniform of Captain America, awesome and indestructible shield included, you can't help but swell up inside and say here we go. His fight scenes with Hydra agents and then finally The Red Skull himself are pretty intense. But this movie is more than just about the action. The budding and tender romance between Steve and Peggy is not normally seen in a comic book movie and it is very well done. You really care and hope that these two will hook up. The finale wraps up with a slam bang aerial showdown aboard Red Skull's huge aircraft as he intends to strike multiple targets all over the world with it's destructive power.

Captain America: The First Avenger
This was pure comic book bliss and the ending sets up the forth coming Avengers movie perfectly. As Cap will be joined by fellow heroes Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye under the guidance of Nick Fury (once again played by Samuel L. Jackson). AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! But we have to wait until next year for that. In the meantime we can enjoy Captain America till our hearts content.

first avenger
Captain America: The First Avenger
Captain America: The First Avenger

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy Birthday P.J. Soles!

This turned out to be a coincidence. I was watching Private Benjamin, the 80's movie starring Goldie Hawn..still quite funny. And lo and behold P.J. Soles was in it. I didn't recall her being in it but there she was. And it was funny because the following year she starred in Bill Murray's army comedy, Stripes. Anyway it's her birthday today and she turns 61. And she looks fabulous. Most known as one of the teens from the original Halloween and that other 70's horror pic Carrie. Some surprise facts I did not know about her though was that she auditioned for the part of Princess Leia in Star Wars and was married to actor Dennis Quaid from 1978 - 1983. Learn something new everyday. Happy Birthday P.J. By the way P.J. stands for Pamela Jaynes.
As Norma Watson in Carrie (1976)

As Lynda Van Der Klok from Halloween (1978) with Jamie Lee Curtis

As Norma from Carrie (1976)

Facing off against Michael Myers in Halloween

As Stella in Stripes (1981)

With hubby Dennis Quaid in 1978

Still looking fabulous...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Action Movie For The Day - THE HIDDEN (1987): A cool, sci-fi flick from the 80's

Cool 80's sci-fi/action flick about a mysterious FBI Agent (Kyle MacLachlan) arriving in LA to track down a serial killer with the help of veteran LA detective Tom Beck (Michael Nouri). But it seems the killer is not who he seems and once the fed lets Beck in on the secret..that they are actually hunting an alien who is jumping from body to body, the fun really begins. For an 80's flick, The Hidden holds up remarkably well. MacLachlan and Nouri make an effective odd couple duo and the action scenes are extremely exciting. A bonus is Claudia Christian as a stripper who is one of the bodies the alien uses for a little bit. She is a sight to behold, looking gorgeous but also deadly as she packs an automatic machine gun with grenade launcher. Car chases, shoot outs, cool music score, and a little humor make The Hidden a winner.

Man, she is packing some serious firepower..

Doctor: Detective Beck. No one deserves to die like that. I don't care what the man's done.

Cliff Willis: He killed twelve people, wounded twenty three more, stole six cars, most of them Ferraris. Robbed eight banks, six supermarkets, four jewelery stores and a candy shop. Six of the ones he killed he carved up with a butcher knife. Two of them were kids. He did all that in two weeks. If anyone deserves to go that way, it sure in the hell was him.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Diane Kruger and Happy 200th post for me! A Double Celebration!

The timing couldn't have been better as my star of the month, Diane Kruger celebrates her birthday today and I hit my 200th post on here. Wow! I couldn't have planned it any better. Here are some pics of the lovely Ms. Kruger in honor of her birthday. One of the best exports Germany ever had. And in case there are the few people in the world who don't know who Diane, she is best known as playing Helen in Troy and co-starring with Nicolas Cage in the National Treasure films. Plus she was in Quentin Tarantino's last film, Inglorious Bastereds.

I actually love this pic the most because Diane is looking so serene,  a little sad but still nice...

That's right boys..snap away

Don't hate me because I'm so beautiful

Oh my hair is such a mess..what shall I do with it?

Whoa...where did that wind come from?

So beautiful!

Diane with her serious look on...

What a gorgeous black and white pic..

That's it everybody...I would like to say thanks to Monty for such a wonderful birthday tribute and to
Irene...girl give me a we can do lunch or something.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Action Movie For The Day - DOOMSDAY (2008)

Exciting throwback to the Escape from NY and Mad Max films of old. When a virus breaks out in Scotland, the entire country is quarantined from the rest of the world. Years later when the same virus breaks out in London, an elite unit led by bad ass Eden Sinclair (a tough Rhona Mitra) is sent into Scotland to find a cure. Of course the team runs into survivors of the virus who have become violent and cannibalistic. This film mixes the elements of Escape from NY and Mad Max and throws in some Resident Evil. Mitra kicks ass as Eden. She doesn't say a lot but she can throw down with the best of them. I enjoyed it.

film still


film still

film still

Eden Sinclair vs. Telamon
film still

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Action Movie For The Day - DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER (1971) Sean Connery returns as Bond after a one film absence

After a one film absence, Sean Connery returns as Bond and it's a nice welcome back. After a solid pre-credit sequence where Bond tears apart casinos and resorts looking for Blofeld, it becomes business as usual. For this mission, 007 goes undercover as a diamond smuggler to find out who has been stealing diamonds out of Africa to use for god knows what. Once again Connery is in top form as Bond, dispensing one liners as quick as he throws punches. Charles Grey makes an okay Blofeld. But Jill St. John is a sight to behold as Bond girl Tiffany Case-beautiful and tells it like it is. Forever has some cool action scenes and a nice change of pace having the film set in America, specifically Las Vegas. Not one of Connery's best Bond films, but it's still pretty good. And look for Natalie Wood's sister Lana as Plenty O'Toole, a fetching Bond girl.


James Bond: "Weren't you a blonde when I came in?"
Tiffany Case: "Could be"
James Bond: "I tend to notice little things like that-whether a girl is a blonde or a brunette".