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Monday, August 1, 2011

My Latest Dream - A Girl Named Death and a Vampire (what is it with me and vampires?)

 So here is my latest dream I had the other night. Let me set up the situation first. I had just watched Blade 2 the other night on cable (great movie, one of the rare sequels that is better than the original) and the newest episode of True Blood. So I had vampires on the brain, right. As most of my friends know most of my dreams usually place me in some horrific setting where I am fighting monsters or being chased by something. I've had dreams where I was chased by a coven of witches, battled the alien creature from the Alien movies (for some reason I dreamed I was Sigourney Weaver too...crazy right), and survived an alien attack of Earth. But my latest dream is really creepy. So here we go..

Me and my wife Stephanie get invited to friends of mine for a dinner party. I've known the guy and his wife for years now. My dream starts and we are already at their house. It's evening time and there are at least 2 other couples there as well. So we have dinner and some wine, and then start talking. Everything is normal right? Then I have to use the bathroom and the husband tells me the bathroom is upstairs as they don't have one downstairs. So I trot up the stairs and use it. I come out and there is this girl standing in the hallway. She has dark curly hair and is very pale. I recognize her but can't quite place her. She seems out of it as I ask what's her name. She doesn't say anything. And then the door to the attic slowly drops down. I'm thinking what the hell is going on? All I see is dark pant legs coming down and I'm waiting to see who it is when 
I'm waiting to see who it is when he finally steps into the light and it's freaking Nosferatu, the creepy looking vampire dude. He hisses and I grab the girl and haul ass down the stairs.

I start telling my friend.."dude you have a vampire in your attic. We need to get the f@%k out of here."

That evidently goes over every one's head as the only question they have for me is.."Ummm Monty where did you find this girl?"

I was like she was upstairs wondering around and I grabbed her before the vampire got us. I started screaming we need to go now. And then someone says "You know we can't do that Monty. The curfew is in effect. We go outside and we will be shot on sight."

I have no idea what they are talking about.."Curfew! Man if we don't leave now that vampire will be having us for dinner". Everyone seems relatively calm about the whole situation even Stephanie, who is scared to death of vampires. I can't figure out what's going on until my buddy says everything will be alright. My friend won't hurt us. He lives here with us and he feeds on my wife from time to time. The wife then shows me her neck bite marks. But the husband has no such marks. Then I think well that may be good for you but now he has us to feed on and probably kill us.

Then I hear a creepy voice say Calm down Mr. Hawes. Everything will be OK.
It's the vampire coming down the steps. Looks like a cross between Nosferatu and the vampire from Salem's Lot. Or the vampires from Blade 2. Creepy as hell. I'm looking all over for any kind of weapon to use and find nothing.  When I realize I can make a weapon...a cross. So I break a night table legs off and plan to use them as a cross. I remember the vampire saying something like that won't work unless I believe in it. And I was like I grew up watching vampire movies and reading the books..Oh I believe. And I use the table legs as a makeshift cross and the vampire actually screams and starts backing away. Then that strange looking girl touches my arm and I go calm and just pass out or black out..Then I wake up. So I don't know how it turns out but once I wake I realize who the girl is..she's Death from the comic book series I used to read. I don't know what the hell she was doing there. But it was very weird. And why was there a curfew after dark. Was vampires overrunning the city or the world for that matter. I have no idea. I hate when my dreams don't finish all neat and tidy. But imagine being trapped in a house with a vampire for the night and you can't leave. Anyway that was my dream. Make of it what you will, I for one wish I knew how it ended. Was I already dead while being there? I don't know. And why couldn't I dream I was Blade and just ripping vampires to shred.

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